I have over 30 years experience in the restaurant industry, including full service, fine dining, pastry and bakery operations, banquet, catering and hotel, as an executive chef, general manager, restaurant manager and sommelier.

Turnarounds and troubleshooting have been the hallmarks of my success, either for branded or the independent hotelier, first time owner/operator or veteran restaurateur. I saved one operation over $450k in expenses, while maintaining quality.

Here are some of these things I can do:

Accomplish things you simply don’t have the time to do.

Write a comprehensive business plan. A well thought-out business plan guides you through the future and the challenges you'll face, a map to future income. Considering more than just financial needs, but also your marketing and management plans, your competition and your overall strategy plus risk analysis.

You will get a written analysis of all facets of your operation, from concept, pricing strategies to operations and product costs. This document can serve to develop an action plan.

I can assist you with concept and design development, plus working with your design team to assure better workflows, equipment selection and total concept development.

Develop profitable and exciting wine and beverage programs that are cohesive with your cuisine, market and clientele.

Work with your chef or kitchen manager, developing recipes, selecting purveyors, kitchen organization, inventory controls and consistency challenges, or assisting in the placemat of key personnel.

After learning your needs and understanding your operation, I can train your FOH and BOH teams to accomplish and do things how you intend.  See my full line of restaurant services available.

Email me or for a free no-obligation consultation. All consulting is performed on a strictly confidential nature; I stand behind my work with a 100% money back guarantee.

If you are in business or thinking of starting a restaurant business I can help move you in the right direction. If you need to find solutions to make your operations more efficient, please give me a call, 503.899.9502.